Confused about – Epic, story, task and sub-tasks?

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As the teams starts using JIRA and practicing Agile, I have found, it is very common to get confused by terms like

  • Epic
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Sub-Task.

Here is my try to define and distinguish these terminologies.

In JIRA, everything is an issue, – Epic, story, task and sub tasks, these are issue types.

Epic, I would wait until we understand “user story” first.

User Story

A user story is typically functionality that will be visible to end users. A user story follows the format “I as WHO want to do WHAT, so that WHY. A user story delivers value to the customer/user. It’s a product requirement from the customer/user.


“As a customer, I want to be able to create an account so that I can see the purchases I made in the last year to help me budget for next year.”

Ref: How to write user stories

Developing it…

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